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Kokatat Paddling Attire

Kokatat has been manufacturing paddling gear in Arcata, California since 1971. At a time when many technical apparel brands were moving manufacturing offshore, Kokatat continued to invest in infrastructure in the United States. Kokatat’s hands-on approach to manufacturing continues to set the standard in paddling apparel.

General Care Instructions

By taking care of your product before and after use, you can greatly extend its life and function and avoid or delay many of the most common repairs.

Gasket Repair & Other Instructions

Once your product has gotten enough use and is ready for one of the more common repairs, such as gasket replacement on a dry suit, you will be able to do many of the repairs yourself. With self-repair kits made by Kokatat and the instructions in this section, you'll be well on your way to a replaced gasket or a patched knee.

The Kokatat Guarantee

Kokatat products are fully guaranteed to the original owner for the life of the garment against defects in materials and workmanship. TROPOS 2-layer dry tops and paddling suits have a 2 year limited warranty. Products found to be defective will be repaired or replaced as determined by the Kokatat service department. Repair due to normal wear and tear will be made for a reasonable fee. Latex gaskets are not covered by the Kokatat warranty. Kokatat specifically disavows any other representative warranty or liability relative to the condition or use of the product.