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HydroClean Plus™ and HydroClean™ Lens Technology

Hobie®has always stood for the highest quality polarized lenses available. With the addition of their new revolutionary HydroClean Plus™ and HydroClean™ lens coatings, you get unmatched vision on and off the water.

Hobie’s advanced HydroClean Plus™ polarized lenses are included in the Heritage Glass lens collection. They start with Hobie’s® proven polarized film technology. A series of enhanced hydrophobic and anti-reflective coatings are then applied to each lens under carefully controlled conditions. The result is a lens that sheds water, resists dust and grime, is easy to clean and reduces distracting reflections from light sources behind you. The HydroClean™ lens technology is standard equipment on the Motion series of the Hobie® Polarized collection where frames are sleek and are built for challenges of active sports as well as everyday wear. Advanced hydrophobic coatings are applied under the most controlled conditions resulting in a lens that sheds water, resists dust and grime and is easy to clean.

Hobie’s HydroClean™ and HydroClean Plus™ lenses continue the Hobie tradition of eliminating glare, innovation and quality that you’ve come to trust and rely on.

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