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Hobie Frame Technology

Hobie Frame Technology

  • ADJUSTABLE NOSE PAD: Megol rubber nose pad provides a nonslip secure fit.
    Adjustable for a custom fit, giving you additional control and comfort.
  • ANTIFOG BROW BAR: Perforated Megol Rubber lines the interior of the brow
    to oxygenate the eye, ventilate heat, evaporate moisture and eliminate fogging
    inside of the lenses.
  • BARREL HINGE: Forged from industrial quality, noncorrosive metal, each
    Hobie Polarized barrel hinge is factory weartested for over 1,000 open and close
    cycles to ensure they perform at the hightest standard.
  • COMOLDED FRAMES: A technically advanced dual molding process that
    permanently bonds Grilamid to Megol without using glue or solvents to ensure
    frames hold up to the demands of the water enthusiast.
  • GRILAMID TR90 FRAME: Battle tested nylonpolymer blend that can withstand
    the rigors of the avid water athlete. These frames are tough and crack resistant,
    hypoallergenic and resilient.
  • INTEGRATED HINGE: Tried and true streamlined hinge design incorporated
    into the frame providing a secure fit without adding extra frame weight.
  • MEGOL RUBBER: Meant to withstand the harsh elements, our Megol rubber
    grip holds up to saltwater, sweat, sunblock, and grime; all while maintaining a
    secure and cushioned grip.
  • SPRING FLEX TEMPLES: Flex temple fit technology along with spring hinges
    allows outward flex away from the frames to eliminate the squeeze and reduce
    wearing fatigue.

Hobie Technology

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